If you are worried about not being able to post bail for your loved one in time to bring him or her home for Thanksgiving, you probably are not aware of all of your options. Cash bail is expensive, difficult to pay for, and requires 100% of the bail to be paid before the defendant can be freed. For some people, gathering up 100% of the bail amount can take a few days and by then, Thanksgiving may have passed.

The best alternative to cash bail is a bail bond, which is issued by a professional bail bond company. The bail bond company charges only 10% of the full bail amount. In addition, this 10% is paid off on a payment plan that extends beyond the defendant’s release. Essentially, you and the bail bond company will complete paperwork and come up with a doable payment plan. The jail will process this paperwork, and the defendant is freed. As with cash bail, there are continuing requirements the defendant must obey, but otherwise, that is it. Paperwork can be completed and processed within a few hours, so there should be no worrying about having an empty seat at your Thanksgiving dinner table.

The best bail bond company to assist and guide you through the bail bond process is California’s Arleta Bail Bond Store.

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