Don’t Eat Tide Pods

It should come as a surprise to no one that there is yet another new “challenge” trending on the internet amongst kids. Unfortunately, like so many other trends before, this one is incredibly dangerous.

This latest challenge is called the Tide Pod Challenge, and the goal is for a person, usually a child, to ingest either a Tide Pod, or the liquid itself.

For many adults, it is easy to see how this is a very bad idea. The liquids in these pods can be incredibly toxic if ingested, which can cause serious problems or even death. Unfortunately, there are many kids and teens out there that are actively attempting this challenge and putting themselves in serious danger.

As with many other dangerous fads that have come and gone over the years, it is important for parents to talk to their kids. Make sure they know that they should never give into peer pressure and that they can always come and talk to you. More importantly, make sure they understand that Tide Pods, and laundry detergent in general, should never be ingested.

Hopefully, most people are smart enough to understand the difference between food and laundry detergent. This horrible new trend is just more proof that a parent needs to monitor what their child does online, and just keep in touch in general.

Staying in touch can be difficult in our fast paced society, but is the most important thing that a parent can do for their child.