If you are 18, 19, or 20 years old and wondering why you are suddenly being denied cigarette purchases at your local convenience store, it is because the state of California has risen the legal smoking age to 21. You may be very bummed or upset about this, but it is the law and you have to follow it, as does the cashier at the store who used to sell you cigs. The store could be fined and lose its license to sell if they are caught selling cigarettes to minors and you could face some consequences if you are caught, just like you’d face consequences for underage drinking.

The purpose of this age limit increase, as you might guess, is to curb smoking among teens. A lot of people do it, but we all know the health risks that are carried with smoking, and that is what is at stake.

In all likelihood no one would be physically arrested if they are caught disobeying this law once or twice, but they would if they deliberately do it time and again. If that is the case with you or a loved one, please contact us at Canoga Park Bail Bond Store. We have got the solution to the jail problem, and will bail you, or your friend or family member, out as soon as possible.

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