As if we all did not spend enough time on our phones already. If you are not playing the game, then you had to have at least heard of the latest craze taking over our mobile phones, aka our lives: Pokémon Go. This mobile game hasnot even been out for two weeks yet there are already more users on it than Tinder, Nintendo stocks have already shot through the roof, and people are already calling the dangers associated with the game.

  • Certain Pokémon are found on private property, leading game addicts to constantly knock on doors of private residences asking if they can go to their backyard to catch it,or worse, they just trespass.
  • A girl came across a dead body while playing the game.
  • Two males helped catch an attempted murder suspect as they were playing the game.
  • A woman and her daughter were hit by a car while playing the game.
  • Some crooks use features of Pokémon Go to lure game players away from their cars and homes. Once the area is clear, the crooks go in and rob those players.
  • Drivers are playing the game while driving.
  • Two males in Wyoming happened upon abandoned, but loaded, guns.

This small list alone is nearly as long as the number of days the game has been out, and judging from this, you must know that there are more incidences. Playing Pokémon Go is exciting, fun, and brings back childhood memories, but it is imperative you play wisely. Get off the game while you are crossing the street, do not play while driving, it is illegal to be on your phone while driving anyway, lock your doors if you step outside, even for only a couple of minutes.

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For the record, it is unlikely you will get all of the Pokémon in jail since you will not have your phone.