Even if you have the slightest feeling that your gun-owning friend will use it irresponsibly, you should report him or her to the police. The police will confiscate his or her weapons for 3 weeks, during which time they will investigate and further determine the dangers your friend poses to his or herself, and others. You could be wrong, which would be the best outcome, but if your instincts were right, then you likely saved multiple lives.

This gun seizure is a new California law. Family members and friends of gun owners may report their concerns to the police who must act on these concerns. As you can conclude, this new law hopes to see crime rates decrease; it hopes to prevent crimes and to find misguided gun owners and get them the serious help they need, but otherwise will not seek on their own.

Plus, catching crimes before they happen prevents a lot of troublesome work; getting arrested, bailing out of jail, getting a lawyer, going to court, and basically structuring life around this incident.

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