The End of Spring Break Blues

We’re almost there. Spring Break is wrapping up, Easter was a blast, and now you’re looking forward to the next big break. If you’re a student, you’re itching for school to be over. Midterms have been stressing you out, and all you need to do at this point is pass. You parents are also ready for you to be done with school. It’s been a long year and summer vacation feels like it’s finally in sight.

At the beginning of the school year, you were pumped. Whether you were in grade school, or college, you were ready to take on your classes. You had all new shiny school supplies. Your binder had paper laid out all so nicely.

However, now school is reaching the point where you just can’t focus anymore. You had a good break, and you finally got to relax. Now you have to get back to school and finish out the semester. This is usually when all the projects are due, along with all assignments that you’ve been putting off.

That huge paper or project your teacher told you not to put off until the end of the year is looming over your shoulders. Unless you’re and overachiever and actually did it like you’re supposed to, you’re probably regretting your choice in procrastination. Like most people, you waited until the last possible minute to get started. You’re probably already mapping out in your head exactly how much time you’ll need to complete it.

If you’re a parent of kids in school, you’re probably just as ready for summer as they are. Parents are barely hanging in there. You’re tired of waking up early in the morning just to drive your kids to school. You’re tired of trying to figure out creative school lunches that will survive the day in a backpack. Parents know that once their kids get out of school they’ll be able to go camping, visit family, and go to the beach. If your kids are in college you’re still excited for summer because that means they are coming home to visit you.

As the school year winds down, it’s hard to keep your focus. All you can think about are your vacation plans. You’re picturing yourself on the beach soaking up those California rays, breathing the salty sea air into your lungs. Maybe you’re looking forward to all the riding whether it’s horseback, dirt bike, or bike riding. All you know is you cannot wait for your sun kissed skin and relaxing tunes on the radio.

The only thing that is in your way is school. This is disappointing, but you know it’s not going to last forever. You just have to stomach a few more stressful days of school. All you need to do is focus enough to pass your classes. Don’t forget about trying for better grades either. The harder you work to finish out school, the harder you get to play come summertime.