Being on your best behavior should be obvious when you are in the presence of a police officer. If you do not have anything to hide, you do not want to give the police any reason to stare at you longer than a quick glance.

When you are the actual subject of police officers, when they are conversing with you directly, you need to “suit up” and really keep yourself together. You do not want to make the situation any worse.

    • Keep your hands where the officers can see them.
    • Do not make any sudden movements.
    • Do not run away.
    • Do not get angry and become verbal or physical.
    • Do take note of the time and place this is happening.
    • Get the officer’s name, badge number, and patrol car number and/ or license plate.
    • Take information from any witnesses.
    • You may deny the police when they wish to search your belongings and property that is out of plain sight. They will need to get a warrant.
    • Remain mature, responsible, and be polite.
    • If you are being arrested, ask why. You have the right to know.

You might think that the police have all the power, but you, as a citizen, have power too. It is a matter of knowing those fine lines.

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