Waiting to Learn to Drive

Driving is pretty much a part of everyday life as an adult. You need to drive to work, to run errands, and to take your kids to school. It is one of the many freedoms that adults get, and kids see this. Kids cannot wait until the day that they get to take a seat behind the wheel and choose the destination.

While most kids wait until they are sixteen before they begin to drive, some kids try to drive by themselves way before they are ready. Every once in a while a new story comes in about a young child taking their parents car for a bit of a joyride. These incidents tend to end in accidents with injuries and property damage.

Recently, a couple of kids from Virginia did just this. The children, aged 10 and 7, decided they wanted to go to the beach. They hopped into their parent’s Lexus and began heading to the beach. Shortly after, another driver called 911 stating that there was a vehicle driving all over the road with a child behind the wheel. The driver followed the vehicle until it crashed with their own. Luckily, both kids were wearing their seatbelts and did not receive any major injuries.

This is a good reminder for all parents to teach their kids of the importance of wearing their seatbelts and that they should never try to drive a car on their own. Attempting to do so can be very dangerous and get them into a lot of trouble.

To kids, driving looks like a lot of fun and offers some of the freedoms that they may crave. They do not fully understand how dangerous it is to drive a vehicle. They also have no idea what any of the rules of the road are.

Be sure to teach your kids the importance of wearing their seatbelt and that they should wait until they are older to start driving.