Tax Season Is Here

Every weekday, thousands of people leave home to go to work and earn a living. People work hard for the money that they earn and often times, it is just enough to get by. While this is great, is does leave people vulnerable to surprise expenses. After all, they can afford their monthly expenses but they don’t have much left over for anything else.

This is why it can be a real big problem when a friend or family member gets arrested. The last thing anyone wants is for one of their friends or family members to be stuck behind bars. However, many Californians do not have enough money to spare for bail. They need help if they are going to rescue their loved one from jail.

This is where Canoga Park Bail Bonds can come in to help. We know how impossibly expensive bail can be, so we do what we can to make bailing someone out of jail cheap and affordable. One of the ways we do this is by offering a 20% discount off the price of the bail bond to clients who qualify.

To qualify for this discount, one of the co-signers for the bail bond needs to:

  • Be a union member
  • Be a member of the military, active or veteran.
  • Be a member of AARP.
  • Be a homeowner.
  • Have a private attorney.

So long as one of these requirements is met, the client can qualify for the discount.

On top of this, our bail bonds only cost 10% of the bail that they are for and they can be paid for with customized payment plans. Each payment plan is designed for the individual client and is built with their monthly budget in mind. This way, all of our clients will be able to afford their loved one’s bail.

When a person makes enough money to survive month to month, they usually do not have enough stashed away for surprise expenses. This is especially true when it comes to bail, since bail costs several thousands of dollars. Luckily, Canoga Park Bail Bonds is here to help.

We make bail affordable for all of our clients, so call 818-782-2201 or click Chat With Us now.